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小公司颠覆存储业大野心 冲击百亿美元数据库大市场【亚博app安全有保障】

Name any enterprise application today, and its a pretty safe bet that its deployed on a relational database management system. Since the 1980s, RDBMS technology has been the go-to solution for storing and retrieving information about almost anything, from finances to widgets to people. Oracle (ORCL), IBM (IBM), and Microsoft (MSFT) are among the companies leading the way; SAP and Teradata (TDC) are also competitors.可以认同的是,如今不管哪款企业级应用于,一定都会中用关系型数据库管理系统(RDBMS)。 … Continue reading小公司颠覆存储业大野心 冲击百亿美元数据库大市场【亚博app安全有保障】