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日前,南方电网公司重点项目“电能计量安全性酬劳触体系关键技术研究与应用于”科技成果通过鉴定,整体成果超过国际先进设备水平;其中,安全性酬劳触密钥管理机制设计及构建、智能电表安全性自动检测技术超过国际领先水平。 … Continue reading亚博app安全有保障|南方电网智能电表安全自动检测技术达到国际领先水平

亚博app安全有保障:Redmi K30 Pro要跟未上映的大片合作:疑继续推出限量版定制礼盒

【TechWeb】Redmi品牌作为如今小米旗下名副其实的性价比担任,在小米10 系列月进占高端市场后,全新的Redmi K30 Pro的任何细节都更有着无数打算换机而又注目性价比的用户的目光。 … Continue reading亚博app安全有保障:Redmi K30 Pro要跟未上映的大片合作:疑继续推出限量版定制礼盒

摩尔定律50岁了 它将很快寿终正寝吗-亚博app安全有保障

In 1950, at a time when there were fewer than 10 digital computers worldwide, Bill Pfann, a 33-year-old scientist at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, discovered a method that could be used to purify elements, such as germanium and silicon. He could not possibly have imagined then that this discovery would enable the silicon micro-chip and the rise of the computer industry, the Internet, and the emergence of the information age. Today, there are about 10 billion Internet-connected devices in the world, such as laptops and mobile phones, and at the heart of each of these devices, there is at least one such micro-chip that acts as its “engine”.1950年时,全球只有将近10台数字计算机。 … Continue reading摩尔定律50岁了 它将很快寿终正寝吗-亚博app安全有保障